Starter Packages

From €599

Growing Packages

From €2499

Custom Websites

From €999

Hosting & Domains

Hosting & Domain packages must be purchased by you the client. 


You may choose your own hosting provider, but I highly recommend purchasing your hosting with Siteground Hosting as they offer some of the best functionality and 24 hour support. We can discuss what package is best for your website project. 


You may choose your own domain provider also. Some TLDs are not available on certain providers. e.g. .ie is not available at Siteground Hosting. I can still redirect any domain from one provider to another should you choose a domain with a different provider. e.g a .ie domain name with register365 and hosting with Siteground Hosting.

Additional Features

Looking for some additional features?


Do you want a custom blogging experience added to your website? 

I can create a custom dynamic blogging section that will help you reach more online users. Utilising a blog you can give valuable content and include your products or services as calls to action. 

From €299

Basic SEO

For those just starting out with SEO, I offer a foundational package to set you on the right track. I’ll set up and fine-tune Yoast for your site, craft appropriate snippets for all pages, and incorporate ALT tags to your images. Furthermore, I’ll enhance your permalinks for better optimization, submit your site to Google for indexing, and ensure your sitemap functions flawlessly.

.....From €299

Multilingual Plugin Configuration

If you are looking for a site with multiple languages, I can install and configure the relevant plugins. Unfortunately, I am not multilingual, so you will have to source your own translations.

You must first:

  1. Purchase any premium plugins required.
  2. Have all of your pages translated by a professional translator. 
  3. Approve final results

.....From €149

Dynamic Content

Want to make quick changes to your content yourself? Let me turn your website’s content into dynamic content.

Dynamic content allows for me to create a beautiful layout template with content that can be changed by you. 

Change text content, images, videos and more from the backend of your website via a series of data entry points or upload buttons for media.

You don’t have to worry about messing up your website layout! 

.....From €299

Dynamic Post Tyoes

In WordPress, a dynamic post type refers to a custom post type that allows users to create and manage content types other than the default ones (like posts and pages). These custom post types are “dynamic” in the sense that they are flexible and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a website.

For example, I can create a custom post type template that can be reused again and again. It is the same layout, but data entry points on the backend of your website allow you to add content dynamically.


  • Staff Profile pages
  • Services Landing Pages
  • Events
  • Musician Profile
  • Portfolio
  • High Ticket Products


Want to learn more? Call today


.....From €499

My approach


In the first phase of the project, we will have one or two face-to-face meetings or a Zoom call so I can get to know you and your company. I will then develop a plan of action based on your answers to my questions and how you describe your vision for your new website.

From €299


In the design phase I will create the look, feel and structure of your new website. Initially I will create mood boards and sample homepages for your to review. This is to ensure you are 100% happy with the design. You have up to 3 design revisions. Once you have approved a design I will move forward and complete the design of each page with the same design in mind. I complete all designs in Figma.

From €299


Once you have approved the design, we will move onto the building phase. In the build phase, your site is transformed from a concept into a functional site. You will be required to purchase your hosting plan, and I will be added to it as a collaborator..

From €299