Adding a blog post

In this document I will run through how to :

  1. Create a new blog post
  2. How to add basic content like headings, paragraphs , images and videos.
  3. How to format that content
  4. How to space content

Step 1:

From the dashboard click the dropdown arrow beside posts > then select “Add New”

Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New.

Step 2:

Adding a title.

Click in the box that says “Add title” and enter your chosen title.

Step 3:


3.1) Adding content – Headings & Paragraphs

To add content click the box with the “+” Icon inside it. 

3.1.1) Formatting Headings & Paragraphs

Please ensure you highlight the content that you want to change.

To highlight content click and drag over the content you wish to highlight. The highlighting content will have a blue background.

There are multiple ways to format your content.

  1. Setting the content to wide/Full Width – DO NOT USE***
  2. Changing the Heading type –
    H1 = Title
    H2 = Heading of most importance
    H3 – H6 = headings of lesser importance. 3 being more important than 4 and so on. 
  3. Content alignment – Align to left, centre or right. 
  4. Bold – Make text bold 
  5. Italic – Make Text italic
  6. Link – Add link to text – Highlight text>click link button>Add url>Hit enter button.
  7. Options – These options are advanced – DO NOT USE.

3.2) Adding content – Images

Adding Images is similar to other content. Click the box with the “+” Icon inside it > Select Image

3.2.1) Formatting Images

The image will show up large on screen. If this is what you want leave it as is.

To resize images click on the white circle handles on the top, button or side and drag to make smaller or larger. 

To align images to the side of text make the image smaller > Click the align option in the toolbar > select align left or align right.

3.2.2) More image options

Other image options include:

  1. Adding a link to the image . Click on the image > click link button in toolbar > Add url to link box > click enter button.

  1. Cropping Image – See Video

  1. Text over Image(Advanced)****
    When formatting the text the same steps apply as if you are editing a normal heading or paragraph(see fig 3.1.1)

  2. Replacing Images – See video

3.3) Adding content – Videos

To add a video click the box with the “+” Icon inside it and click on the video block > click “inserts from url” > Add url to link box > click enter button.

3.4) Spacing content

Your content can become cramped. Use the spacer block to add space between your content. 

To add a spacer click the box with the “+” Icon inside it and click on the browse all button > menu on left side of screen > scroll down to spacer or typer “spacer” in search bar > click spacer block to add to page > click on spacer to edit > drag the white circle to resize.

A gap of 25px – 50px is good.

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